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What is Simple Success?

Financial education is important for every household that needs stability and financial literacy when making daily purchases and saving decisions.

Listen to the "Simple Success" Podcast with John Brandy for more insights and tips.

About John Brandy - Founder of Simple Success

I am a huge believer that each of us can change our environments by changing ourselves.
I am also a huge knower that Psychology Is Everywhere and I like behavioral economics a lot. I’m especially fond of light-hearted jokes about those and other things.
As a former program manager at Microsoft, I understand the value of learning and how to apply those lessons to many other areas.  
I pride myself on translating between “influencer speak” and “regular speak”.
As a former financial advisor and stockbroker, I find a particular interest in applying these thoughts and lessons to success in investing.
And as a former volunteer in the US Air Force, I find it fascinating that around the world we can all be different and perceive different, and yet also have a lot in common.
This is why you can trust me. See Season 1, Episode 6, Why Can You Trust? for a complete discussion of these things!

John Brandy - Open Mind Generations, CEO

Introduction to Simple Success

How to secure your finances with simple steps

Financial life-coaching from a happiness perspective.

What is Financial Education?

Simple Success with John Brandy episodes now available on all podcast stations.

Episodes published every Monday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Radio Public, Overcast, and so many more.

Why Is The Stock Market Soaring In A Pandemic?

These are key stock market trends happening in the financial world. Listen to John Brandy talk about why the stock market is soaring in a pandemic.

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