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Simple Success Podcast - Introducing Simple Success

This is episode number one of simple success a podcast built around you. It's about encouraging. It's about applying principles taught by Napoleon Hill are all Nightingale, Dr. Joseph Murphy, Robert Collier, Thomas, Howard, Wallace, wattles, and others. But who am I? Well, I'm John. I'm John Brandy. I'm a guy who cares about you. But a little bit about my background, because that's got to be important. Changing your thinking is everything.

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I know, I've done it. I made a pickup early October of last year, which is so far well, as the title of this writing had returned 19.64%. That is, if I were giving you an annual rate, but I did that in just one month. Of course, as they say that was then and this is now, I'll briefly come up to the date by recalling a quote from American writer HL Mencken, who said, the whole aim of politics is to keep the populace alarmed, and that it does, But enough about that. This podcast is going to be connected to a couple of things you're going to love. One of those things is a webinar series that will expand upon each topic a lot. Another thing is upcoming masterclass series that will expand even more information on those things will be coming soon, you will definitely want to head over to the signups for that. And we'll certainly tell you how to do that a little more about me Just so you know who I am. And whether or not this is for you. I started my career off after high school as an audio engineer. And I absolutely loved that job. That gave me a lot of the insight that I still use today.

Although that was about 40 years ago, we still do a lot of the same things. Now we just cut the digital cut and paste instead of razor blades like we did back in the day. But it was a lot of fun. And that's what I'm all about encouraging you to do have fun with your life. however long that might be, you might be at the beginning of your life, you might have 18 years ahead of you or more, or who knows, you might be further along, and you've got less time, but it still has to be time that you enjoy. That is the passion. That's what we're here to talk about. And I'm going to be your life coach, you're going to learn it trust me on this one. My Life Coach philosophy leads quite a bit to the financial side because of one of the careers I had after being an audio engineer. And after being the US Air Force. And after being at Microsoft was, I was a financial advisor. And I did that for 15 or so years.

Well, actually longer than that, because I've been doing it on my own for a few years since then. That's where I'm going to be leaning. However, I'm widely open to new interpretations about how that might come to be you're alerted. Trust me on this as we explore what is the meaning of trust? What are the consequences of trust? What are the elements of trust? How do we build trust? What should buyers trust? Why should I trust you? Is it good to trust? Is trust an emotion or a feeling? How do I trust that can be remotely or virtually? Why is trust so important? How do we trust ourselves? What's the difference between faith and trust? And what's the difference between trust and confidence? And in the future, we might even explore what activities should lead or perform, what skills should a leader have, plus a lot more, we haven't even begun to scratch the surface of nudging people.

We're going to have some guests; we're going to have opportunities for you to step forward and tell your story. anyone listening to this could possibly be a guest, we will listen, we have to listen. And I'm willing to do that, to listen to your questions, and occasionally do some q&a episodes. Right now, we're going to take charge of the idea of giving you the tools and the confidence and the mindset to have positive results and have life go the way you want it to go. There's a lot of ways to explore that. We're going to talk about your success and your story. And remember, this is just season one, Episode One. We're just getting started with this.

Among other things, that's going to mean You do not need to know anything about previous podcasts. Because this is number one, you're going to mark this day is the day your life has changed. Honestly, it might take a week before you realize that. Honestly, it might be 10 years before you realize that the thing, you're going to take away from this is the importance of patience.

You are going to learn to be patient and to roll with the results and to find happiness in all of those. Once again, I'm john, I'm here to help you on the simple success podcast. Since you're listening to this podcast, you know how to subscribe to them. So please do so right now in your favorite podcast app. And of course, don't forget the webinar and the masterclass information on those to come. Looking forward to talking to you. You have a wonderful day.

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