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Live Call Recording Part 03 of 03

Updated: Mar 22

How can you use this? And think about those IPOs? And like you said, the specs now, how can you use that and still infer those things without really focusing on them directly? And now,

Exactly, and it's taking the mythology out, that's really, really important. For example, the GameStop thing that happened to that big controversy that happened earlier a few months ago, that involved a concept called short selling.

But what I want to do here is not rehearse what happened or what or any of that but get rid of the mythology that's involved with it, that short selling is automatically bad, or it's unpatriotic to whatever country you call yours.

And that's not true. This is what it is. If you like it, let's do it. If you don't like it, let's not do it.

Let's just get past all the hype and the mythology, and let's just do what we feel is right and what is good, because that's a big part of winning.

That's a big part of feeling like you have a successful life, I think,

I think so too. It changes the way you think. And you know, you are what you think, you know, sometimes we will say, Yeah, I can be able to do this I can do to learn this makes sense. The moment that you're really ready for something and you do it well, that thought process starts to take control. And you start to actually create that intention, which builds that tenacity for you to actually sustain that,

Right, which leads to the idea of how do you know if and when you're ready.

Most people probably have heard of Napoleon Hill, and I'm a big proponent of that whole positive mental attitude approach. His answer to that question would be you are ready to do this thing if you believe you can do it. How you think drives how you act.

It's not just what's cool about cryptocurrency today, for example? Or what's cool about this or that or the other Tesla or whatever? It's not about that. It's about do you think you can do it? Whatever it is, and does it serve you? Do you want to do it?

It is possible.

That's the that's the thing you hear all the time? It's like, Oh, well, no, you got to you got to be first at this, or you got to be in this category, or you've got to you can't win if you don't have money. Well, that's not true.

That's deep. That's very deep. I'm glad that you said that. Yeah, even Warren Buffett, he has a

mentor, you have to learn sometimes when we learn things, we think, Oh, yeah, we get with the best.

Yeah, but we also need to learn is so sensitive, because it's so financial, in the sense that, like, if you lose it, you don't want to do it again, because it's a risk. And you know, without a risk, there's no reward. So it's such a big thing that people think about, and I'm glad that you're able to bring that clarity tonight.

And this is true, whether you're in sales, or whether you're whether you're an entrepreneur of

your own business, if you do voice work, if you do if you're a commercial artist, it doesn't really matter what how you feel today, or how things are for you, is a result of what you did last month, or maybe two months ago.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.

Well, there's a correlation to that. Get Started. Because how you feel 30 days from now is going to be the result of what you do now. And that might be just a little bit more confident. And then three days a little bit more confident. And then maybe 30 days after that, oh, maybe let's try Area B as well as air air the area A that we've been doing.

I just had a guy about two weeks ago, telling me how enthralled he was with the

work that we've been doing over we've I've been working with him for about 10 years, he was telling me how a couple of his neighbors were saying, Oh, well, you really should put a bunch of your money into x or y or z because we did it. We think it's great. And we're just happy as clams because we beat x y z at its own game.

And his response was, yeah, I understand that. That's, that's cool for you. But I know

where my kids are going to college. And I know that my income and my wife's income is enough to take care of both us and our family and her family and my family, meaning prior generations, which is important to him.

He said I know. I feel confident because of how we have slowly and carefully worked through each step and expanded. He just went out and put some money into a cryptocurrency and that was about a month ago.

We've been working together for 10 years. That's the first venture he's ever made in that direction. But the key thing is, he's comfortable with it, and he believes it. And so what I said before how you feel today is there's a lot we did last month, he started so two weeks more. He's got a month down and Four weeks after that, he's going to have two months down. And then he can decide if it's still for him or not. But he'll have a little bit of experience. And the fear won't be there.

That's life changing, is there one thing that you can let us know that you can be able to do to diversify your portfolio?

The single most important thing, and this is a big, big, big, big pro tip, everybody should be

writing this down. The single most important thing is to realize that two minds are more important than one mind.

Therefore, it's okay to have a question about a direction that you might be curious about, but to know that it's okay to ask a question, opening up your own strengths by incorporating other minds into your decision process. You don't have to know everything. You don't have to have all the experience. You just need to surround yourself with people who do. I invite everybody if you want to be involved in a mastermind that helps you succeed, as well as maybe teaches me something hopefully,

I'm all for that too.

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