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The Science Of Being Great

Updated: Mar 22

This stuff is so important that I've made recordings of it.


I've read the entire item, the entire book, chapter by chapter into MP3 files so I can play

them back, and I have played them back, dozens of times each.

See, repetition and see, patience.

Two things I talk about a lot here.

You might notice that I've talked a little about The Science of Being Well and of course this

pod is about The Science of Being Great. The third part of the trilogy is The Science of

Getting Rich, which, surprise, the Topic Randomizer has not yet brought into the mix.


Still, I really like the message here.

I mean, what's not to like?

Just the way the first chapter starts, "Any Person May Become Great".

Let's just take every possible restriction off the table.

I know there are real obstacles to things sometimes.

In no way do I deny that.

Just the same, just looking at the percentage breakdown, millions of people put

restrictions on themselves every day.

Usually that's not intentional, either.

Remember the "you're not going to see me running a half-marathon anytime soon" thing?

That is a restriction, and we all do it, me included.

All the more reason to figure out how to do better. We all need a better star rating. We all

need real power.

Author Wattles even says in the first chapter that we need to both first accept and then

embrace change. He says that "life without progress becomes unendurable".

I agree with that. We have to progress.

And to progress, we have to start.

That's step one.

Seems obvious, but it's also important. Obvious is good.

"The brain does not make the man; the man makes the brain", says Wattles in chapter 2.

"As a man thinketh", says James Allen.

See what I see there? Do you like this mental picture?

We all want to be great, and we can be.

Part of being great is helping others to succeed.

Part of helping others is paving the way for them.

Taking action as well as helping others take action.

Some of that pavement should be financial.

That means you need a little more than just to take care of yourself.

Look at these good practices as another reason to invest.

The book then goes into the sources of power for a bit and then into habits and thoughts.

Fertile ground as many of you know and as we'll spend a lot more time looking at.

While this is of course a mental exercise, it carries with it a ton of practical application.

I highly recommend the Wallace Wattles Trilogy, which includes The Science of Getting

Rich, The Science of Being Well and The Science of Being Great.

I've linked to that as an Amazon book even though this podcast is not sponsored by


I've also included a link to a free version of just The Science of Being Great, if you prefer


Both are in the show notes.

So, since you like the idea of becoming great, but like many people haven't found a way to

implement the principles into their everyday life,

Since you know you're not already as great as you can possibly conceive yourself to be.

You're in the right place.

The Science Of Being Great

Once upon a time, our hero Daniel Rose felt great.

This was a good thing.


Why was it a good thing?

Because, as a man thinketh, if you feel great, you're on your way to being great.

It wasn't just a feeling though.

There was a science to it.

One might even say it was subliminal.

That is, a bit below the conscious level of thinking.

Which puts it in the category of being a habit.

Daniel felt great because of one of the habits he'd installed in himself.

It was the habit of growing what he already had.

And that also was for a reason.

Daniel had realized that a true life of prosperity could be his by following the simple

average of success!

Daniel had realized that he could do well and do good.

In Amazon lingo, he had the ELIGIBLE ITEMS.

Maybe even do well by doing good.

A dream he'd, like many of us, had for a long time.

Oh it was a bit less specific than digging a tunnel under Los Angeles, for example,

But it was still a good thing, even if just the seed of a good thing.

A seed that could be planted because the start was started.

"Greatness is only attained by the thinking of great thoughts", says The Science of Being


Daniel, being polite people, knew that was a code of practice he had to live by, and that he

first had to get started.

We’re changing the way we look at things, and

Remember, “THAT’S GOOD”.

Also remember, this is Financial Life Coaching from A Happiness Perspective! Coaching Happiness.

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