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The Science Of Being Well

Updated: Mar 22

I thought I was here to tell you about financial life-coaching!

I am of course.

It's more specific than that, though.

As most of you already know, it's financial life-coaching from a happiness perspective!

Lots of emphasis these days on happiness, and that's also good.

Lots of emphasis these days, and in former days on the study of finances, and that's also good.

Seems obvious to combine the two doesn't it?

I have mentioned psychology before, right?

Consider Wattles a psychology professor.

I've also mentioned positive thinking, right?

I mean, we still have to be careful to observe what happens. This wouldn't be much of a

practical guide without that.

I remember when I was little, my mom used to "save space" in the cookie tin by combining

two completely different textures and flavors of cookies together.

Specifically, I'm talking about those square lemon cookies made by a bakery named

Archway and the classic original brown-and-white Oreos.


In a cookie tin.

It only takes a day or so, maybe less, to have a bunch of lemony-chocolate sort of firm

but also squishy cookies on your hands.

So be careful with combinations. Combinations can result in more than just happy people.

But here, combining finances with happiness works!

The kind of habits we want to create.

This is where life satisfaction comes from.

One of our first challenges is starting with The Principle of Health,

The first chapter in The Science of Being Well.

In this chapter of this incredible book, Wattles introduces, or perhaps returns to if this isn't

the first of his books you've read.

The idea of the "Certain Way". One of the most important sources of happiness you'll ever

find. True meaning in life.

And he Capitalizes CERTAIN and WAY.

It took me a long time to internalize what he was saying here and how that fit into my

happy life, but it's actually clarified by the factors in his very next sentence.

Let me break that down for you.

"The way a man thinks about things is determined by what he believes about them".

What does that remind you of? The subconscious mind?

"As a man thinketh", is what your answer should be.

Let's be clear, both these quotes use the word "man", but both apply just as well to all

genders and ethnicities, just like belief, at least in my world, encompasses a bunch of

different faiths.

This is what Wattles means by the "Certain Way".

Poet Maya Angelou expressed a great outlook on life, saying in her famous quote, "People

will forget what you say, people will forget what you do, but people will never forget how you made them feel".

If you do things in the "Certain Way", people will feel good and they will remember that.

And if the little devil on one of your shoulders is telling you that this is all BS, just consider

that further evidence.

Wait a minute, let's not forget emotions. I should do that last line like a Baptist preacher.

And if the little devil on one of your shoulders is telling you that this is all BS, just consider

that further evidence.

That's the crux of everything.

You thought I was going to go chapter-by-chapter, didn't you?

Maybe I will in the future. Maybe I don't think that's a good idea today, and maybe I'll

change my mind about tomorrow.

But I will still do things the Certain Way.

In the subsequent chapters, which you'll remember I just said I'm not going to go through

in detail, Wattles gives needed detail about doing things in the Certain Way, involving

thinking perfect health and then practicing it.

Positive emotions.

The same exact steps will lead to getting rich, doing well, and succeeding beyond your

dreams, and just generally making a difference in your world.

The steps, interestingly, are the same steps we should all use in a lot of areas in life,

finance included.

They include proper breathing, good sleep, eating only when you're know, Tim

Ferris kind of stuff.

Spoiler alert:

It works.

The Science Of Being Well

Once upon a time, our hero Thomas Lopez-Alvarez felt well.

He felt well because he had decided to feel well.

How's that for creative visualization?

"You mean to say", said everyone, "that I'm supposed to believe I can put that into action? I

can achieve decades of progress in my own head? Now?"

Thomas calmly addressed everyone that day. He was ready to commit to a serious

rewirement challenge, a new mental picture.

With the hiss of the surrounding fountains fading into the sunset, Thomas asserted that

he indeed FELT well.

The relentless among us would easily unearth the significance of FEELing well.

They would firmly connect it to the state of BEING well.

After all, if you are it, you feel it. Right?

Thomas had nearly been misdirected by thoughts of whether or not it was better to be

carnivorous or vegetarian, vegetarian or vegan, and Wattles had helped by putting all of

that into unnecessary worry.

Thomas realized that his financial happiness could follow the exact same pattern.

He could invest.

And feel well at the same time.

In fact, he could feel well because he felt good about investing.

He had control, control that we all have available.

Control that we all crave.

Satisfaction with life.

Quality of life.

There it was.

His because he wanted it.

His because he asked for it.

His because he had a definite plan and purpose. A purpose of generous funding.

Doesn't that also sound familiar?

If it doesn't yet, it will.

It's exactly the kind of psychological wealth leading to optimal health in which I specialize.

Next week, we’re going to look at another concept, and that is:

The Science Of Being Great

We’re gonna bring that into the world of investing.

And it’s gonna be a great episode!


We’re changing the way we look at things, and

Remember, “THAT’S GOOD”.

Also remember, this is Financial Life Coaching from A Happiness Perspective! Coaching Happiness.

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